LeAnn Thieman is the master of developing cultures of caring. With over four decades of in-the-trenches nursing experience and 22 years helping hospitals and organizations recruit and retain caregivers, LeAnn proves that healthcare givers strong of mind, body and spirit deliver better patient care, resulting in improved outcomes, satisfaction scores and reimbursements. LeAnn works with the best forward-thinking hospitals and organizations committed to caring for their staff as the key strategy for bringing Joy to the Workplace, decreasing turnover, and easing the nursing shortage.

Her story of being “accidentally” caught up in the Vietnam Orphan Airlift in 1975 details her daring adventure of helping to rescue 300 babies as Saigon was falling to the Communists. Her devotion to thirty years of nursing made her the ideal co-author of the New York Times Bestsellers, Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul series, Chicken Soup for the Caregiver’s Soul, and 12 more Chicken Soup titles.

Her 24 books have inspired, motivated, and changed the lives of millions. LeAnn’s year-long SelfCare for HealthCare® program has proven to increase engagement by 20%, decrease sick days 16%, and increase retention 14%.

Her inspirational conversations and expertise have been featured around the globe in on BBC, NPR, PBS, FOX News, Newsweek Magazine’s Voices of the Century issue, and countless radio and TV programs.

LeAnn is among fewer than ten percent of expert speakers worldwide to have earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation and in 2008 she was inducted into the National Speakers Association’s Speaker Hall of Fame.

To learn more about LeAnn (www.SelfCareforHealthCare.com)