FREE Online Telesummit | Begins May 18, 2020

We are on the threshold of significant changes in the world.

This is an amazing time to witness and create what is possible for nursing and healthcare!

Please join me, Dr. Mary Rockwood Lane, as your host for the Conscious Visionary Nurses on the Edge of Evolution, a timely and relevant discussion about the future of nursing and health care.

Co-sponsored by Dr. Jean Watson and the Watson Caring Science Institute.

Awakening our power to co-create

the world of health care and

shape the future of nursing!

Now is the time for nurse leaders and revolutionaries to speak out about the future and how nurses can co-create a vision of the future.

Now is the time to speak with a unified voice as a powerful nursing force to propel the emergence of what is next… as the Florence Nightingales of our time.

Please join me as we celebrate and honor the year of the nurse and midwife in this critical time in history. As a bonus for attending, you will also receive a free gift from each speaker as a part of their interview.